I Jam Therefore I AM

Exactly one year ago, I attended my first Cardio Jam class at the gym and have been doing it weekly ever since. It brings me such joy AND it is a great workout! Weight Watchers and Cardio Jams are the true power couple responsible for my weight loss success.

Our teacher Lisa is awesome. She brings the funk in everything she does. She's made me laugh, she's taught me how to shake it, I just thank her so much for what she's given me with Cardio Jams. I think it's taught me that I love dancing more than I even realized.

Lisa recently posted our routines on YOU TUBE so you can check it out and see our routines. (When I am visible, I am in the back left wearing black pants and a white shirt with a green scarf on my head).

Next stop: Cardio Jam inspired Flash Mob!


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