Saturday, November 19, 2011

Remembering Hawaii (The Post That's Been Long in Coming)

Now that November is here with its dark days, it seems like just the right time to harken back to the summer and in particular to our Hawaiian vacation where we did some amazing things on the island of Kauai.
Tunnels on the North Shore, was a great place to snorkel. We found lots of heart shaped coral and had a GREAT day in the sun.
We ate coconut pancakes at Kountry Kitchen and took a long bike ride on the Coconut Coast. We shouted Coconut Coast like Oprah might. AWE-SOME!
We ate at a Hawaiian McDonalds and tried custardy coconut Hapua pie.
We went to the Smith Family Luau. It was a lot of fun: great food and a real taste of Hawaiian culture. We even met a nice family from Canada and the girls frolicked with their boys, finding frogs in the dusk.
The kids were constantly hunting for lizards and geckos.
In Hawaii you can find any kind of food you want. We got Thai on the East side. Despite the name, this restaurant made very tasty Thai.
In Kauai, sitting in the waves was habit. It was also pretty normal to just LAY in the water.
We ate lots of Shave ice and enjoyed Blizzard Shave Ice best of all on the East shore.
One day we went up to Waimea Canyon and explored a bit. Kauai has its own Grand Canyon within. CRAZY!
We had slow days and go days. Many books were read on this vacation!
We went on a short hike through tall bamboo to see this amazing swimming hole and tree!
We took a short stroll through a jungle. No shortage of interesting plants, flowers, and smells on that trail!
We found a great bookstore in Hanapepe Town. It is also home to the Hanapepe swinging bridge.
Have you ever had a PUKA dog? Even on Weight Watchers I was able to
induldge and I was surprised how tasty they were!
Every day Avery would find a clean Plumeria blossom on the ground for me to tuck behind my left ear. (It must be said that this pic was taken in our rental JEEP with removable top!)
We were very near the Hyatt and took a stroll through their beautiful grounds, grabbing a hammock opportunity as it presented itself. Despite the fact that the beach behind the Hyatt is virtually unswimmable for kiddos, the girls decided we would be staying there next time.
Posh resort in one corner, roosters in the other. Nobody tells you about all the wild chickens running around Hawaii.
One night the local Rotary club was sponsoring an outdoor movie at Poipu Beach so we walked down and saw Karate Kid. It rained a few times during the movie but with the stars and palms overhead and the warm breezes, it was such fun. I've been wanting to see an outdoor movie for a long time and that was a pretty good movie, too!
Old Koloa Town was very close to the South Shore where we stayed and was a fun place to browse and take pictures with "the locals."
The candy apple bananas in Hawaii are so tasty. I have always like bananas but THESE bananas were indeed even better than most.
I met my dream tree, the Albizia.
We'll be back, Hawaii. We'll be back....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, where do I start?! What a wonderful post about your fantastic vacay!!! LOVE the pic of you and the girls eating shave ice--you just look so happy and cute. I love Avery's little kerchief in these pics; gotta get Caroline going on that style, which would also cover up unbrushed hair, ahem. The schwinging bridge looked schweet and aweshome! Were the wild roosters aggressive and do the chickens have large talons? Plumeria is my favorite flower and that picture of you with the blossom behind your ear (in the sweet ride) is just lovely! Love that BIG hammock at the schwanky hotel, too. And your dream tree...ahhhh. So nice, Tia!! So nice! And November is the perfect time for this post. ThANks for sharing, Cornelia Sweetie!!