Sunday, November 06, 2011

Soccer Mom

Back before I had kids I drove the perfect soccer mom car: a Volvo station wagon. And finally, this year, long after the station wagon was sold to a teenager in Vancouver to haul his band equipment, Julia played soccer and I became a soccer mom.

I was completely shocked at just how much I loved this.
Whenever I would cheer for Julia, she would look over at me and give me a sweet smile. How fun are eight-year-olds on a sports field? They don't tune you out and ignore you, they hear your shouts and feel so good they can't hide it.

But enough about her beaming mother on the sidelines, Julia had a really great soccer season this year. She received the "BEST ROOKIE" award from her coaches and she became more skilled and aggressive as the season went on. She loved running around.....
....and cheering on her teammates.
She had a lot of fun with her team. Even when she was goalie and the other team took a penalty shot right past her waiting gloves, it didn't seem to phase her much.

Way to be in position, Number 2!

Just in time for daylight savings and chilly November temps the Mighty Marshmellows finished their season yesterday. The parents played the team at their last practice and it was SO FUN! I think this soccer mom may have even had a better time than her player.
Who knew that soccer would be such a great fit for all of us? I'm excited to see where it takes Julia, but in the meantime, she is poised and prepared to try Lacrosse next.

Me? I'm sold on soccer, even if the proper soccer mom vehicle sits in someone elses driveway!

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