Friday, January 20, 2012

Benjamin, A Study

See this little guy right here? We spent some time together last weekend when he and his mom and sister visited from Seattle.

His name is Benjamin, he's two, and he is AWESOME.
Even when he woke up a little grumpy, he had a piece of my heart.

He has some of the best facial expressions, the finest shoulder shrugs, the most dear tones of voice, ladies and gentlmen it makes me want a son. Alas, that ship has sailed, our opportunities to have more children by means of our loins, (now getting quite ON in years, incidentally) is gone. So I have to borrow the Benjamins of the world to experience that joy of two and boy.

It's a good thing I am sharing these thoughts with you via my blog, and NOT in the presense of his sister Lucy, who I think decided to really hate me because of the love and adoration I poured upon Benjamin. I'm not gonna lie to you, things with Lucy and I, they were dicey. Alas, I'm sure we'll be fine. She didn't care about me anyway, just about her other "sisters." She and mini-Olivia Newton John there had some quality time playing and drawing together while Julia was at a slumber party.
Thanks Molly, for bringing BOTH your chickadees down for a weekend of fun in the flakes.
I especially enjoyed time with you, too, old friend!

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