In All Our Spare Time.....

....we have GOT to make some of these.

How cute are they? Balloon guys! My girls are old enough so I won't fret about them choking on balloons, it requires minimal supplies, and they are just hilarious with a captial H. I can see us really having fun with it. Tutorial is here in another language. How fun are all her pictures of them, too?


Ambiguous Girl said…
Currently training to be a primary school teacher and that balloon idea sounds like such a great activity!

I'm a new follower :)

Drop by my blog when you get a moment :)

Anonymous said…
I found your blog from the comment
you left on Alicia's blog yesterday. I, like so many others,
was wondering about the location and the hint you gave in your comment allowed me to find it. Thank you. I can see now why she is not going to share the location
info. with her followers, but her secret will be safe with me! I do think her photography puts the photos on the site to shame. Thanks again for your clever clue.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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