Damage With a Capital D

We spent some time at the cabin over President's Weekend. You can see that we were met with stormy weather, but not as stormy as it had been about a month earlier when Mother Nature brought her tree loppers and changed the whole forest.
We took a hike to survey the damage on the trail around the lake. It was crazy how many trees had just been completely topped. There were several Yews down....
I was especially sad for the madronas that lay broken, their beautiful branches asking, "Now what?" Seems they should have a nobler fate than lying submerged in water.

There has been a lot of clean up, and more remains. Madrone, anyone?


ME said…
Amazing, Cornelia! It looked that way around these parts, as well. But with fewer Madrones; they sure are grand--even downed.

Well, I s'pose nature knows how to renew herself. Those little saplings will get more light now and you and your sweet family will get to watch 'em grow.

What a treat!
Anonymous said…
I heard the storm took is't toll..so sad to see so many Madrones down. Now mother nature has hammered the Oregon coast. I wonder what she will be up to next. Hopefully a respite from winters wrath. ~m
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