Take a Peek Around

This fall and winter we've been sticking around working on making our house a home. Take a tour, see what we've been up to!

Here's our front "formal" living room. When you first walk in the front door this is off to your right.

Here's the same room viewed from the dining room.

Here's what you'd see if you were in that room sitting on the couch.
Next to the front living room is our formal dining room.

This leads into our kitchen.

Hey Tia!

The kitchen connects to our family room, where we have the t.v., my husband's MAN chair, and a cozy sectional to flop on.

We're still working on the living room. We want to add a rug, some kind of ottoman, and a really cool cabinet.

Our guest room is downstairs too, next to the family room.

Heading upstairs we've finally hung a ton of family pics.....

We have a great big bookshelf at the top of the stairs holding all our adult books.

Here's a shot in our bedroom....

Just a peek of our playroom....(really of the corner I've claimed for creative purposes)

Julia's room..

And Avery's room....

Ready to come visit? Come on! Come visit us!


ME said…
Beeeeeautiful home, Cornelia! And I would like to come visit for a night with the rascals. Maybe this Spring???
Anonymous said…
Oh it is so cozy. I love it all. My goodness you have been busy. Leg warmers..humm that reminds me I need to tackle some of those myself. ~m
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