You probably can't tell from this picture, but it is EVER so blustery outside and I am holed up inside with two sick girls. We are on day five of Julia having a cruddy sickness, so hopefully she'll be back to school tomorrow. Avery's a few days behind and has had the highest fevers ever with this bug-104.7! What? Thankfully I've had my convo with the advice nurse, I'm doing everything I can on my end, the illness just needs to run its course.

Despite the fact that the calender was quite full today, it's been wiped clean of everything, other than working on that speech Julia has to give Wednesday, maybe a nap or two, some reading, definitely some TV, lots of jazz and drinking tea, and knitting legwarmers, my new hobby. I'm busting them out right and left. Totally tubular, are they! (Literally!)

Yep, pretty sure today the only thing I may accomplish is whisking up instant coconut cream pudding for Julia.
And sneaking a few of these peppermint marshmellows to Avery....


ME said…
You're a great mama, Cornelia! I hope the girls are feeling better. xoxo, Cher

PS Love the curtains in the bedrooms. Did you sew 'em? (I bet you did!)

PPS Legwarmers...schweet!!!
ME said…
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