Letting the Rain

Sometimes in the midst of a busy life you have to document a regular day, that ends kind of magically.

It was a Friday. The girls got home from school and we had nothing on the calendar.They snacked, played, and after awhile
we watched a movie snuggled up together in my bed.

After that we came downstairs and I made french toast and cut up a cantalope. As I was cooking, it started to rain. The way the sun was shining on our backyard, the drops of rain looked huge.

Thunder demanded our attention next. We paused to listen. Then the rain fell harder, like movie rain, sheets of it falling on our thirsty grass. The sky had darkened, the clouds changing the light. As the girls ate, the wind tossed tree branches.

The sound of the rain was suddenly amplified. We were pulled away from whatever we were doing to stand at the screen door and watch. The raindrops turned to hail.

The girls found rain boots, umbrellas, coats and dashed out front to collect the hail with their sand toys of all things. The neighbor kids were out, doing the same. The dark blanketed the sky, there was a greenish hue to the clouds that had already passed. A dramatic flash of lightning lit in the distance as I chatted with neighbor moms. Somehow our conversation turned to being in labor.

I love a good storm and what it does to everything, shakes it loose, commands our attention, reminds of us nature's force and beauty. We always get rain, but a rain like this, passes through rarely, an entertainment almost better than a movie.


ME said…
Great descriptive lovely writing. I can almost smell that rain! Well done--such a pleasure to read! love, cher
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