Well Well Well

A lot has changed around these parts. Like for one, the SEASON. This picture was taken during a recent jaunt to Eugene. Another picture of trees, must be me behind the camera. Aren't they lovely? I know someone who took one look at this shot and said, "I know where that is!" It's right beside the elementary school she attended.

The girls are growing up fast, as Julia reminds me every day with actual statements like, "Mom, I'm growing up!" I think most recently she said this in response to a no I'd just uttered (as though growing up means nothing but yeses and freedoms). She is in fourth grade and suddenly cares more about being stylish and listening to certain songs and being on the phone. She is WAAAAY more likely than before to make a decision based on what her best friend is doing. She actually asked me if she could dye her hair green for Ducks/Beavers day. Tired of her dismay with each no I throw at her, I haven't given her an immediate answer. I'm learning.

Avery is in second grade. She is doing gymnastics for fun and loving that a lot. She is reading tougher books and loves math. She is WILD about school, especially because she has her first grade teacher for second grade too. She is known to jet up to her room after school to play school. I appreciate Avery for the stage she's in, still a girl being a kid, though her sister influences her a great deal. I'm happy that she's running out the door to school, coming home with lively stories, and constantly finding the humor in life. Tonight we laughed sitting before the photo booth feature on the computer.
Shoot, there's a lot to laugh about.


ME said…
Good to see your lovely words, Cornelia. I totally agree with you on the growing up thing--it is HAPPENING and it freaks me out, while also being completely amazing. Sigh...

Keep writing, dear friend. Maybe we can meet up at the Washougal cabin soon? January perhaps???
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