Right Now, I'm Loving.......

The above dog for starters, who is now 7 months, fixed, had her first ear infection, been left for two nights at the dog daycare and deemed shy, and who LOVES herself a Steer Pizzle. She, I LOVE.

These pajama bottoms. I loved them so much I wrote a review about them on the site.

Solitaire, live, with real cards and the forgotten thrill of shuffling. I even taught the girls how to play.

Girls. Though for some (not me) it can be graphic in its R-Rated HBO-ness, it is made up of brilliant writing, characters who are people, dialogues that are full of hilarity. Lena Dunham you're my hero. Season two is even better than season one, in my humble opinion.

These oranges and rice crackers from Trader Joe's. YUM. O. 

This entertaining read, which the girls and I are enjoying together. And any picture book written or illustrated by John Klassen.

This bunny, which I ordered two kits to make and now have to get ON to making. Not sure when that will happen but thankfully, my playroom/craft room is clean as of today so there will be an orderly space in which to do the work. (Another good reason to get ON it as that won't last, given the mess makers, aged seven and nine, with whom I live).

Did I ever show you my new craft tables? Might as well now as I'm loving them, too. I got them in green and put them facing each other so the girls can sit at one and I can sit across from them at the other. We can make creative messes there, together.

I am loving (from afar) Andrew Drew Zenor, my new nephew born February 2, the exact day we lost my dad four years ago. (Pictures to come). His sister, now two, is loved, too. Face Time with her is a gas.

And lastly, dear reader, to thank you for showing up yet again, this peppy song


Notsosuperlight said…
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ME said…
ThANks for all of the good things in this entry. I will check out the Luck of the Buttons book--or tell her Julia and Avery love it and she will check it out herself! Those Boden pjs look mighty cute and comfy. Alicia's bunny kids are a.dor.a.ma.ble! Have fun stitchin' em up. And thanks for the Solitaire reminder. Love it and haven't played for ages. Nor have I taught my kids--time to fix that! Love ya!! Cher
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