Destination San Diego Spring Break 2013

This year for spring break we put the dog in the kennel and hopped on a plane to sunny San Diego. Virgin America equips each seat with its own screen, and here the girls are indulging in a whole heck of a lot of tweeny bopper shows on Disney, the ones mom never lets them normally watch.
San Diego was a bit overcast upon arrival. Still, it was different and warmer and the tropical foliage immediately had me sucked in. Check out the view from the condo we rented on VRBO....
Whilst in San Diego, we did a lot. We hit the felt a lot like Oregon but with cooler shells.

We hit LaJolla. What a pretty spot. From the seals on the beach to the yummy restaurants, to Sprinkles cupcakes, it was a worthwhile stop.

We did Sea World. My favorites were the belugas and the sea turtles and flamingos. They get that color from their diet high in beta.

We did Lego Land, too. Check out these sweet RVs built of Legos.
We LOVED the San Diego zoo. We hopped right onto a shuttle and saw the park and then walked around and saw other highlights. It's such a pretty zoo, tons of beautiful foliage and natural habitats and huge enclosures.

This guy was quite something to get so close to.
It's a big enough zoo that taking a tram from one end to another makes perfect sense.

 One afternoon we headed over the bridge to Coronado......

...... a wonderful stop for some shopping and sight seeing. This hotel has been around since the late 1800's. Pretty sweet, I say.

One of the girls' favorite things to do was to hit the pool. They made some friends from Colorado, Greta and Elsa, and inevitably they were able to hang at the pool with them a bit, offering dad poolside chill time and mom time to walk on the beach.....

LOVE YOU SAN DIEGO. Thanks for a great spring break! It was awesome!


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