Saturday, April 13, 2013


Dear Avery,

It's been awhile since I've written to you on your birthday, all the more reason to update you on who you are now: OLDER, for one thing and also, more and more awesome, if that's possible. 

You turned eight yesterday. You knew how you wanted to celebrate your birthday as soon as you got home from your friend Mya's birthday in January: you wanted a slumber party with the same two friends, the same dinner destination (Red Robin!) and the same mousse cups for dessert. Your day was a true celebration, with the aforementioned delights but also nickel games at Wunderland and a viewing of Freaky Friday that night.

Gotta love Skeeball.

A favorite gift this birthday was a label maker, which you have already used and loved, depleting the tape in one whole cartridge. We are all walking around wearing stickers that say "Awesome." 

But enough about the WHAT of eight, let's talk about the WHO. 

You, my sweet girl, are amazing. 

I look at pictures of you and see the many sides to you, all which make you so much more than a beautiful face. You are tender-hearted and empathetic, able to take others' feelings into account. Maybe this is because you yourself feel things (from excitement to disappointment) with gusto. 

You are present and notice everything, remembering everything too. You and I have the same habit of finding similarities in people. You often say, "She reminds me of so-and-so" and they really do look alike. 

You like school and you get absorbed with playing school.  You are a super writer at school and I love your stories. You have written a series about a Bad Cat and I can't wait to see where it's going to go. You also like listening to music and singing. You LOVE LOVE LOVE Kit your American Girl. You have also been working on swimming this year and are oh so close to finishing your last swimming lesson. That's been exciting to watch your improvement in the pool. 

Molly dog is another favorite. You are very good at sitting with her and engaging her in some sort of game where she's choosing pick up sticks with large puppy paws. You call her "sweetie" and give her lots of attention.

You are a helper, always there to run and get me things I need.  You are connected to me, making a point to kiss me goodbye when I leave the house and giving me sweet notes. As your mom I am so lucky to get to witness your full personality, as you save your quieter side for the public. I love the silly side of you and the side that loves a good laugh. You are funny!

You know what you like, are particular about foods you like to eat. Right now your favorite snacks are seaweed and mango and you prefer to snack more than eat regular meals. You still love hamburgers, chocolate and carrots. Lately you have discovered spaghetti with meat sauce and salad. 

You used to get more nervous and scared but you have become more brave. The other day you and your sister got your ears pierced and YOU went first! Your sister is both your best friend and your biggest enemy at times. You play so well together and then will erupt into loud and terrible arguments, and whereas you used to compromise more and let her get her way, these days you are putting up more of a fight about what you want and need, which I'm glad to see.
Avery, I am loving watching you grow and change. I am so glad with a capital G to have you as my daughter.

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