How to Have an Amazing Mother's Day

1. Get your people (and especially the "head" of your people)to let you decide on each detail of the day because mothers deserve a whole day to decide the details. Or, maybe you want THEM to decide the details. It's important on Mother's Day that your heart is happy with the results. 
2. Go somewhere with those people who made you a mother. Don't go somewhere you don't want to go. Go somewhere you like going, somewhere that is new, or old, wherever it is that puts a smile on your face. We went into Portland, to a deli with yummy sandwiches, and to several bakeries with yummy treats. 
3. Have yummy treats. I had an egg cream, homemade oreos. Something tasty that you can all enjoy and remember really does make the day fun, especially if it comes wrapped in a box with a grossgrain ribbon. We got treats at two of my favorite bakeries in Portland: Two Tarts and Bluebird Bakers.

4. Wear something that you like. This navy eyelet dress was $10 at Old Navy.
5. Take a family picture. Sometimes this means standing and trying to get everyone in the frame with your I Phone until a stranger offers.

6. Stop, or if you are made to stop, savor the lessons in that brief pause.
7. Go again, but this time on a bike, with the people you love, near water, or nature, or both. See what's around you. Delight in baby ducks.
8. Take more pictures of your people. This never fails to remind you of your many blessings.
9. Stand somewhere amazing and be amazed by the space. This was taken in the UO building downtown. 

10. Let a good cook cook for you, and request a meal you enjoy. Here I enjoyed halibut, yummy mashed potatoes, a bit of texas caviar, and cilantro sauce/dip with the fish. It was heavenly. I am very lucky to have a good cook for a husband.

11. Reflect on the goodness of the day, and be glad. This day comes but once a year and you deserve every minute of its goodness.


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