Thanks Angry Chicken and Todd Oldham

Today we had friends over and played. But in addition to playing, we also made.  I had read this post at Angry Chicken, and requested the book it references, intending to learn exactly how to make super fun packing tape post cards. Who doesn't love getting fun mail? As a child who used to have pen pals and communicate with them via fun mailed creations, I was INTO it.

So today we tried it. I thought it might be a nightmare to deal with packing tape but it really wasn't! Okay, so there was the accidental lean with an elbow, and the dog tried to eat a few of the sheets I made. Overall though, not bad at all. I even made a postcard, and intend to make more.

Someone out there has an awful lot of fun heading to their mailbox!


ME said…
Oh BOY! Did I love getting that FUN postcard!!! Such a delightful surprise! ThANks Cornelia, Sweetie!!!!!

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