Monday, October 14, 2013


We just took a brief jaunt to Washington for the weekend, the girls and I. Drove up on a Friday and was pleasantly surprised when both girls, exhausted from sleepovers the night before, slept on the way north. It allowed me some quiet driving time singing along with Pandora. It was so cool, all the songs I'd ever thumbs-up'ed played on my Weepies station. Sweet!
Here, four-year-old Benjamin models his Fedora.

Our first stop was my dear friend Molly's. This is Molly of the ten marathons, Molly who I went to college with. Her family hosted us up real nicely.  

We had a yummy pizza dinner out at Flying Squirrel Pizza and chased that with some ice cream at Full Tilt.  I am still full of remorse about ordering BORING VANILLA when there was Blue Moon, like a lick of fruity pebbles. YUM. Pinball was fun, too. The girls had never played it before.

We hit a soccer game in the am for Miss-Lucy-the-Fabulous and then hit Cupcake Royale. All the FINE eating aside, it was really fun to have some time on their turf, as it had been a LONG time since we'd been up to visit them. Love getting out of our space to see friends.
Saturday we headed east to Duvall to visit another fabulous friend o'mine and her family: Meagan. We were going to get to join her and her cheeldren at a Cider Making party, fully replete with a cider press,  many pounds of apples, and a bunch of cool people we'd never met before. There were also some VERY CUTE PUGS.

Note the NUT HUT behind us. I won't mention what grows there, but remember it IS Washington. Another road safely travelled, another fun time with friends. Hanging out in Washington was a blast, but we headed home Sunday to reunite with our dog and dad. Glad to go, and ever-so-glad to return. 

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