Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh, blogging

Seems as though it's been a coon's age since that online pastime, BLOGGING captured my attention.  These days my blog still exists, dusty and nearly forgotten. If you're reading this, I guess it's not COMPLETELY forgotten. I'm a bit surprised I am able to remember passwords, etc. SHEESH!

The other day I was listening to this podcast about the whole BLOG phenom that was SO 2005. Ironic that I too joined the blogging ranks that very year,  inspired by many crafty or mommy bloggers whose blogs I still read.

Listening to them speak about blogging back in the day has brought blogging back into my conscience. It made me realize what a cool thing it was for me and how glad I am that I did it all those years. I have been VERY remiss in documenting our lives for the past year(S!!!) here.
It's kind of sad.

I must not NEED it like I used to. Now many other things take up my time and priorities. But I feel reminiscent of this space and our lives over the years and I think it's time to come back and write on a regular basis before 2015 when this blog turns TEN!

I'd like to try to institute a post a day in November. Yes. I am going to. So keep coming back and I will write something each day. It'll be a real hootenanny. LONG LIVE BLOGGING!!!!! (Shoot, that might mean a break from other social media I frequent. No matter, that break might feel good).

Before I go, just a reminder of who I have blogged about since they looked like this....

The tiny blond on the left is nine and the brunette on the right is eleven.


susan said...

Hi Tia - Glad you're back. Did you ever consider starting a bit slower - maybe twice a week? This would leave you time for all the other important things in your life. Just a thought. Good luck to you.

Tia said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for reading! And you're right, twice a week is so doable. Thanks for keeping me more grounded in what is realistic. Look forward to checking out your blog!