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With Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook dominating our online expressive tendencies,  blogging has faded into the background of social media. If you're reading this, that means you still read blogs and I thank you. 

For my final November post I want to talk about the blogs I still read and am inspired by. There are reasons to stick with blogs: when it's a blog done right, you're guaranteed a satisfying read. 

My four favorite blogs have been around since I myself started blogging back in 2005, some before. All of them have been referenced in conversations with friends, all of them are written by published authors and ALL of them inspire and entice return visits.

Angry Chicken: Amy Karol has fun, interesting posts. The ones I love the most are the ones that totally make me relate to her as the '72-born mom of daughters livin' and creatin' in the Portland area. In recent months I have actually communicated with her (was mentioned in her blog!!) and was the first lucky member of her snail mail Greensleeves book club.

Ben and Birdy: Catherine Newman is an AMAZING writer. She really is. She wows me all the time with her posts. Check out this one about her son Ben at 14.  We also like the same kinds of books-any fiction she recommends, I read without hesitation. She has two kiddos, and her daughter is Julia's age, so I love her perspective on motherhood. I really resonated with this gem she wrote. When she writes about recipes, you instantly want to try it based on her description of the food. I make her crack broccoli all the time. I have had her respond to my comments before and when that happens, it brings joy. These bloggers are celebrities to me, I tell ya.

Posie Gets Cozy Alicia Paulson wows me regularly with her writing and her photos. She has lured me into several local Portland restaurants, etc. with posts about them. Her aesthetic is so pleasing. I love following along with tales of their beautiful adopted daughter "Mimi," the very picture of a Eloise Wilkin child. If ever there was a more fitting place for Amelia to end up, I can't imagine where it was. Alicia also does cool kits-I purchased her Miss Maggie Rabbit kit and made the girls bunnies one year for Easter.

Orangette: I love Molly's writing-she's been given a gift with it. She, like Catherine, can entice me to make a recipe just by its description. I've read both her books, too and they were amazing. I loved Delancy because it was about her marriage and the business of starting an Eater 38 restaurant in Seattle. I love that she's in the Northwest and I hope to one day eat the pizza at Delancy.

Do you read any of these blogs? What blogs do you regularly visit and read?


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