Flim and the BBs

Today I was listening to Flim and the BBs, who I haven't listened to in forever.

It prompted not only extreme reminiscence but a discussion with my husband about them and I realized he knew all about them too, had maybe even attended one of their concerts. It was so surprising because I've never known anyone who knew who they were, other than friends in high school. Come to think of it, how did any of us know about Flim and the BBs?

When I was a fifteen/sixteen year-old, imaging what I would one day do, there was a side of me that idealized life as an urban dweller, working in advertising or writing a book. I went so far as to imagine jazz constantly playing in the background in my high rise apartment. When I listened to Flim and the BB's I imagined that city life.

Interestingly, there is often jazz playing in the background of my life now, the life led on a tree-lined suburban street, many miles from the city. I listen to jazz in the car and the girls claim they have headaches because of it.

One day, jazz (maybe even jazz fusion like Flim and the BB's!) might remind them of me.


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