Out and About in Portland

Often I have Friday off and I've been know to take a blank box on the calendar as an opportunity to have an adventure. Recently, I packed up my laptop and headed into Portland to try out Oui Presse, a cafe I'd read about. I wanted to do some writing, and also to try some of their offerings.

Oui Presse is known for their "gourmet" peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I got mine sans butter, and was warned that the pb&j would soak into the bread, but as testament to the sandwich, I ate it too fast for that to happen. The peanut butter was freshly ground, the jam sweet and fruity, and I'm a sucker for homemade bread cut thick, so altogether the effect was quite pleasing.  I also enjoyed a cafe creme, an especially pleasing alternative to the latte I usually order, especially once sweetened.
You have to mix it up. How can you not with Portland's huge supply of fun destinations? I say just say "OUI"to days off and to Oui Presse.



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