Top Five Weekend Haps

I like to call her Lisa Lisa and Cardio Jam
5. Friday morning I headed to the gym at 8:00am for Cardio Jam. It was an especially special day because it just celebrated its 4th year! I brought Lisa, our awesome teacher, a big flamboyant wig and made a big show of placing it on her head as she knelt before me, crowning her the Dancing Queen, thanking her for giving me and all of us our grooves.
the mural I laid my eyes on at Farina Bakery during a quick trip there Friday
4. I made a really good dinner Friday night: penne and meat sauce, crack broccoli and garlic bread, with mini pumpkin pies for dessert. (Oh, SOO good, those mini pumpkin pies, they were sampling them at Trader Joe's and had we not tried them, I doubt I would've bought them). After the kids were down we watched Wish I Was Here. There's nothing like sharing a good movie with someone you love and them enjoying it as much as you. 
this absolutely adorable ornament hung at new seasons and cheered me to no end when i was grocery shopping there on friday
 3. Saturday I took Avery to ballet and after that we went to the Dilley Elementary bazaar out in Forest Grove and found some great items for Christmas gifts. We also met the Love Rock mom, and it was very moving to speak with her, I got a little choked up thinking about what she's been through. 

2. Sunday my husband and I got to steal away for lunch. We tried Andina for the first time. It's Peruvian and we had a wonderful table with a huge window overlooking the crisp, sunny November day. I inhaled my mojito (it was SO good!!) and my favorite tapas we got was definitely the empanadas. Fun to sneak out for a few hours and we tried a new babysitter that was AWESOME!

1. Sunday night I went to an interfaith gospel concert in Portland with a friend from cardio jam and her mom at the Mt. Tabor Presbytarian Church. What an uplifting and wonderful way to end the weekend.

In this life, I am blessed, and it keeps me blessed to count those blessings. 
What were YOUR top five weekend haps? Do tell.....


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