Windows To the Soul

When I'm on my computer, I become someone with serious ADD.  With no shortage of sweet things to discover, yet so little time, this means many a window is left open on my desktop for later inspection. I can't share my Pinterest page to display a collection of cool sites, because I have resisted jumping onto the Pinterest merry-go-round. I CAN, however, share the windows open on my desktop right now, just because some of them are pretty dang sweet.

Check out this:

super cool-sounding indoor Portland dog park

recipe for buffalo chicken chowder

article featuring secret isles in Sweden that Lotta Jansdotter frequents

online magazine Flow 

Thread Cult podcast

google street image of the street I lived on until I was five....such majestic elms

print I've been ogling by Carson Ellis 

article about Six Things The Happiest Families Have in Common

Facebook page

Do you do Pinterest? Or are you living in the dark ages like me with multiple windows open?


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