Greetings from Kauai. We are here sans children for a week of relaxation and fun. 
Yesterday was our first full day. There's a little beach below our accommodations that we hiked down to through a jungle. It was windy and there were wandering roosters. 

The bummer about the wind is that it drowns out the sounds of the birds, which is what gives it that tropical feeling. Thankfully today it seems less blustery but I think that's just what you get this time of the year on this side of Kauai.

We had a nice lunch in Hanalei. I tried a chichi for the first time. 
I loved where we sat, looking out into a sweet little outdoor space. 
After lunch we headed to He'e beach -or, the end of the road on the north side-where we did a four mile hike on the Kalalau trail. Wow. It was like doing stairs for two and a half hours, today my calves are feeling it. I also got some bug bites throughout the day -I was scratching in the night. 

We ended our day with some dinner at Tiki Iniki, a very colorful place close to where we're staying. Of course there was the requisite tropical cocktail. 
This was my husband's. It was flaming....
I had a Blue Hawaiian. 
Stay tuned for more adventures from tropical lands. 


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