Casting Call

Last December I discovered Donna Tartt when I read The Goldfinch. Next, I read her second book, published in 2002, The Little Friend. I liked that book even more.  Now, almost a year later, I'm reading her first book, published in 1992, The Secret History. My goal is to finish it before I go back to work January 5.

Donna Tartt is an amazing writer. She develops her characters really well. She takes the time to tell the story completely. The events in the story really elicit a response from the reader, so you're engaged and affected by it. It's a shame she only cranks out a book every ten years, but the advantage is that we are guaranteed a good read when she does.

You know how when you read a book, you imagine characters? For example, when I read The Goldfinch I was imagining Hobie as Harvey Fierstein. I've been doing that with The Secret History.

There's talk of her books being made into movies, but so far, it hasn't happened. That hasn't kept her fans from figuring out the ideal cast.  For the fun of it, I thought I'd cast the Secret History. I saw it done here, here, herehere, and there's a whole page of them here. Some of the suggestions are really great, like Camilla as Saoirse Ronan or Jamie Bell as Charles. Here's who I would pick.

For Julian Fellows, Sam McBurney.
(He's totally who I pictured the whole time I was reading it).

Henry,  Colin Hanks.

Francis,  Eddie Redmayne

Charlie, Nicholas Hoult

Camilla, Kiernan Shipka

Richard, Logan Lerman 

Bunny, Tye Sheridan
Marion, Felicity Jones 
Judy, Juno Temple

Did you read the Secret History? Thoughts on my casting?


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