Today was a day just lazy enough to have little to report. It was also a day that required a rain coat a few different times. 
We did explore a new beach: Pu'u Poa, below the Princeville St. Regis. We explored the St. Regis itself, too. Decked out in its' holiday glory, it was a beaut. We had lunch under a canopy near the pool. That was a tasty Big Kahuna. 
I finished the book I've been reading on vacation, loosely based on the anthropologist Margaret Mead. It was very good-well developed characters, the pull of love and longing.  

My husband tried to get me in the water to snorkel but I just couldn't get in. That's not true. I got in. I just couldn't get in past my waist. It was cold BEFORE it started spitting rain. 

Good thing we have one more day to play tomorrow and it's supposed to be our most beautiful weather-wise. Can't wait to soak it up before our return.  


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