Paradise, Found

Yesterday began slowly, on purpose. Adapting to the pace in paradise is no small feat. Once we were up and around we walked to Princeville Center and had a really yummy breakfast at Fredrico's: our tastiest/least expensive food, yet. 

On our way home there was warm rain and I geeked out on photographing all the flora and fauna. 
When we got back, we decided to head to Anini beach, a beautiful beach quite close where we spent time laying in the sun. It was so relaxing! 
In the afternoon we went golfing. It was my first time "caddying" for my husband-(read: I got to drive the cart while he played). 

I have many fond memories of past golfing excursions with friends and family so I enjoyed it and he played great with his "caddy with atti" by his side.  
Why did the rooster cross the cart path? I was coming, that's why, and he wanted to get the &@#% out of harm's way.
We had some pupus and a cocktail at Tiki Iniki. The bartender was rocking Esperanza hair. Properly sated, we set our sights for home for a low-key evening. White Christmas was playing: perfect! 


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