The Land of Hanalei

After trekking down to Queens Bath in Princeville today, (towels in tow), we took one look at the fierce ocean waves and realized there would not be any bathing. The North shore, it has become blatantly clear, will not be a place where we will be bathing, snorkeling, OR cavorting in any water. Breathe easy, moms back home. 

Instead, we did some exploring around the shops, put down beefy fish burritos/tacos, watched a dude drive by on a bike, hands extended to the sky in  half-prayer half-celebration, nibbled an extremely tasty apple cobbler from Village Bakery and landed on the beach by the Hanalei Pier, where my husband did wet his gear in preparation for a dive he was doing the next day. It was a beautiful backdrop for just hanging out. So we did, before walking the crescent of sand on Hanalei bay. 

Then we planted ourselves at a bar, famously featured in The Descendants. I spotted a familiar face as soon as we'd climbed out of the car-I thought she might have been the waitress in the movie. Sure enough, we were there long enough to get the whooole scoop from famous waitress Julia herself, not to mention a selfie with her. It was such a fun night, a definite highlight of the trip. 


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