Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Last Day

Our final full day was our most gorgeous yet.
On the North shore, at Hana'ea beach, we basked in the warmth and sunshine. 

I'm always on the look-out for heart-shaped coral but I left it, unwilling to anger Pele. 

On a sandy stroll we came across this awesome stream. 
It was one my favorite places we'd seen so far and we waded in to explore it a bit. 
We later returned to our most-visited Anini Beach and snorkeled for awhile with turtles, watching one eat and spotting a good seven or eight varieties of tropical fish, too. It was my first time trying out my new snorkeling mask and snorkel and they were nice!
Ahhhh, finally, I had a lava flow. Over dinner we discussed our highlights from the week. Mine was our night at Tahiti Nui, my husband's was his dive. We had accomplished true relaxation, properly overcome with aloha. Today when it was time to go, we were standing on the deck of our condo and my husband jokingly said, "Cue the whales." Not two seconds later we saw a spout. It was their wave goodbye. 


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