Thursday, December 18, 2014

The South Side

This was boat day. 
The hus did a deep water dive in the morning. He saw shark, turtle and octopus. I farted around Lihue and Poipu. Let's just say there were many a malasada consumed......... 

...and there was a pedicure. Voila! Pretty toes on Glass Beach. 

We hit Old Koloa town and I got to lay eyes on some of my favorite trees. 
We ate Puka Dogs. A rooster snatched my husband's right out of his hand and we were reminded of our dear dog, so many miles away. 

Later in the day we did a sunset whale watching cruise aboard a catamaran. We didn't peel our eyes for not- a baby whale rewarded our perseverance with a humble display!  We could also hear them thanks to a sonar speaker. They reminded me of a kitten meowing. 

The south side offered up plenty of warmth and sun!! It was our best weather day yet! 

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