How's the new year treating you?

Things are grey and rainy around here, but happy overall. We're back in our groove of work and school with weekends to give us pause. That's how I'm able to stop by here, it's the weekend and after a bunch of work around the house, I'm enjoying a tiny spell of quiet while one girl is ice skating and one is out to eat with her dad. If you're a mom, having the house to yourself is a little succulent thing that doesn't happen much.  I tried not to wave too exuberantly as they left, then smiled down at my labrador lying next to me. A buddy who doesn't talk, is a welcome buddy sometimes.
We celebrated our twelve year anniversary on Friday. I brought home some food from New Seasons, including tiramisu.  We were going to watch something together, but ended up just hanging out together doing nothing much and it was really nice. I took pictures of pages of books, he browsed the sports channel. When we finally decided to watch Portlandia he went to the bathroom and I fell asleep. Neither of us minded but the next night we watched most of Singles together. I was surprised how much of that movie I knew-I think there were multiple viewings for this hopeful gal who spent a lot of her 90's single.  One of the best things was that for our anniversary he totally surprised me by getting me a Prince Woodie, this tennis racket I'd been wanting since high school. I was over the moon when he said "Put your hand out" and when I did there was a racket in it. I laughed and half-cried, that's how excited I was.

My niece's birthday is on our anniversary, too. She turned four. I was quite thrilled to get to chat a bit with her as she was taken to school. I just love that little one and I love the way fours explain things. At one point I asked her if she was almost to school and she said, "In a few little bits." She'd had peanut butter oatmeal banana muffins for breakfast and was excited to be taking her flower print bear to school on her special day. Ah, life.

Happy sent your way, today.


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