The Adams Family, circa 1916-17
My grandma Alice Louella, who would be 100 this October if she were still alive, is sitting on her mother Hester's lap (last woman on the right in the front row). Her mother's family was large and her mother was a twin, her twin's name was Lester. I don't know anything about the house behind them, whether it's their actual home or whether they're visiting, but I believe this was likely taken in Minnesota.
I've jumped into the hole that is ancestral research but I love doing it. I join ancestry.com for a month then quit and forget about it for awhile until I start to get curious about something and dive back in. I have two big mysteries yet to solve, ironically one which concerns relatives that lived in Oregon. I keep thinking I can contact someone to help me, or order birth certificates or something. Overall, I have added an astounding amount of information that all began with stuff I gleaned from both grandmas back in the day. I used to love to hear their stories, and wish they were both still alive to tell them to me.  The stories are the things you just can't find when you do your research, so I still try to glean them from those who are left who remember.


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