How to Have a Swell Spring Break

This is a two inch tire swing on a bush on Russel Street in Portland.

Step one: Hang at home, settling into vacation mode. Eat out, like do breakfast with friends, brunch as a family, maybe get in a date night at a place you've been wanting to try.

Step two: Around about Tuesday, take off on an adventure to somewhere new
. We chose Lincoln City and in particular this fine abode. Isn't it cute? It's dog friendly, too, which means we got to have Molly with us. The beach is her favorite and we had our very own steps to the sand!

Step three: Plan to rendezvous with friends on your getaway. Pictured here are our good friends Mindy, wife of Kyle and Mason brother of Zane. 
You should definitely eat good pizzaplay video gamessee a movie...
...make crazy videos with friends using Video Star, (the new favorite app)....
...take an amazing hike, (my favorite hike) atop Cascade Head. I have taken many wonderful hikes there and you better bet I was reminiscing about them all as I hiked, a favorite being the time we took Jooge up when she was but a babe in a backpack.......

I digress.........back to the hike at hand.......

Kind of fun to have them walking themselves....

Let me zero in here to give you the full vista.......

 Look at this day, just look at it! The higher we hiked the better the view.  It was about a four mile hike round trip and worth each and every step, especially on such a beautiful clear day.

Step four: Eat the food the area is known for. There was lots of seafood eaten here and here but  Blackfish Cafe was probably our favorite, plus they featured a very tasty homemade Ding Dong. 
Step five: Soak in the beauty of the area. Comb the beach for treasures. Definitely read. Definitely start watching Madmen with your husband. Definitely spend certain moments doing absolutely NOTHING and liking it. Maybe swing by the outlet mall on your way out of town, too. You never know, you just might find a new dress for work...
Dig, if you must. Dig lots if you really must. Dig four major holes if you're dig-centric. It's all good.
Check out the locals. These fine fellows adorned the docks in Newport and put on quite a spectacle.

Walk the docks. You just might find a boat named after yourself.
Taste a schnozberry, it tastes like a schnozberry.

Play in creek beds. This creek bed was the site of some serious industriousness for these two.
When you stay at the beach, walk on the beach, too.  Every day. Proof that I took this seriously: on one of my walks a random beach woman said, "You look like you're on a mission." 

Step six: Cherish. Cherish it all: the togetherness, the break from routine, the indulgences, the time away with family. There is truly nothing like it. 


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