Camp Jam 2015

Picture a harried teacher, attending two full days of inservice to wrap up the school year, her brain  having already left the building. The car was packed with sleeping bags and empty jam jars, flashlights and pectin. At the end of the tunnel was a light, and that light was what would kick summer off properly: Camp Jam 2015.
The four fine ladies pictured here and wearing our Camp Jam t-shirts are the masterminds behind Camp Jam. We loved the idea of getting our kids together for a chance to hang out during the summer, make jam, and camp in one family's backyard. Of course it gave US a chance to hang out, too.

We met in 2006 when our children were three and four-year-olds at Hillsboro Parent Preschool.
Those same "children" are now going into seventh grade. WOAH! 

 These jammy campers were the two younger siblings in attendance.

 Katrina has a pizza oven in her backyard and she ROCKED the pizza oven skills. There's a definite science to heating the coals and managing the temperature. Luckily, her husband, traveling in Japan, was available to virtually advise. Britany rocked the pizza construction. They turned out very tasty.
The weather was PERFECT!!!! Not too hot, not too cold, just right.
There were s'mores done in the pizza oven, too. 

Thank heavens and Lord Love a Duck for friends and time together. 


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