Longview, For the Heck of It

On our way south from a Seattle adventure last Sunday, I was determined to stop in Longview for a walk around Lake Sacajawea.  If ever you need a pit-stop along I-5, Longview is a pretty little spot to do so if you can land along Lake Sacajawea.

We lived in Longview until I was five, in the above 40's era-house. Those tree-lined streets surrounding Lake Sacajawea were where I experienced a lot of my earliest happinesses through the plants we grew in our yard, preschool, the birth of a new brother, etc.
Nothing but old elms lining many of the streets. Above is Kessler Ave. where I remember going "cruising" with my cousin Janet and her boyfriend. One of her boyfriend's friends saw my blond head in the seat next to them and asked, "Who's the peach?"

Longview is known for its' Squirrel Bridges. We saw three of the four on our visit.
 There's even a live Squirrel Cam on this one.
Later in August the town will celebrate Squirrel Fest in honor of the little guys. 

The library deserves its' own mention. I have good memories of gathering books in the basement of this beautiful old building.

There are so many beautiful trees, many with placards so you can read what kind they are.
Avery laid down on the grass to get this shot.
Was I tree once? Tria? I'm such a freak about them, and am happiest when in their shade.

Check out these London Plane trees, or as I refer to them: Sycamores. 
Look at this HUGE Beech.... 
Its' roots extend down to the waters edge. Beech are among some of my favorite trees, for sure.
I remember the sound of bike tires and skidding gravel on this metal bridge. It got very hot in the sun.

We even picked up some seafood takeout at a place with the most hilarious name ever:  Freddy's Just For the Halibut, which had REALLY good clam chowder and halibut. Dang.


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