Summer So Far

Under the St. John's Bridge

Summer I love you so much! Summer, you are so good to me! Summer, don't ever go away!

For whatever reason, this summer has been relaxing and perfect. It's always good, but each year it changes depending on what we have scheduled, the kids ages, etc. I am lucky as a teacher to get to be off with the girls, so our days can be whatever we want for the most part, which is such a luxury. That and our big two week family vacation is in August, vs. June/July, so we can float for awhile, no major force marches or over-scheduled weeks wearing us out, nothing taxing, nothing to stress about, an adventure tossed in at just the moment we seemed to need one, even if said adventure started with resistance amongst the troops, as adventures often do.

We took a trek into PTown to try Milk Glass Market
So. Adventuring. I've been wanting to try this place for awhile, lured by its' pretty wall of pods and fronds, I mean how pretty is that? A summer Tuesday afternoon fresh from my Weight Watchers weigh-in was the perfect time-no line, our pick of tables, yummy things from which to choose from on the menu. Avery enjoyed the homemade focaccia and Julia, the chocolate cream pie.
I fell in love with tomato jam. Where has it been all my life?

We zipped into Pips another day because I'd been eager to try their iced matcha latte. 
Tasty and pretty.
The girls have each been making dinner one night a week. Best idea ever and they're both really into it. It presses me to have good groceries on hand, but also for us to plan and shop together. This idea was stolen from a very wise mom friend and I thank her for it! (Thanks Gwynn!)
Here Julia makes cottage cheese pancakes
I've been enjoying reading. So far I've finished Me Before You and The First Bad Man both which I really liked.  You can read my reviews of each here. I am reading a really good teacher book, which is awesome, and just started David Sedaris' newest Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls. He is the type of funny that I find myself wanting to read aloud to someone, so we can laugh together at his phraseology and musings.

I read Tuck Everlasting to the girls. That book has some beautiful writing in it and is so perfect for a summer read. Now we're reading The Canning Season, another set-during-summer book. I am getting such a kick out of it. Upon reading reviews for this, there are two camps: the book-banning types who balk at profanity and deem it unacceptable for kids and then types like me who love its' bizarre characters and witticisms. At ten and twelve the girls seem un-phased and laugh along with me, so it's been fun to stay up late reading it to them.

Still on tap, weekend jaunts to Eugene and Seattle to see friends, our two weeks at the cabin in August, a few camps for the girls, and guaranteed other goodnesses. The best thing is, summer has really only just begun......
And what have you been up to?


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