If you want to feel the season, really FEEL the stuff of the season, spend some time watching second graders bequeathing gifts upon their teacher.

Before peeking into any tissue, the teacher tells them, "You're so kind, look at all the treats you gave me!" Without missing a beat, one kid belts, "You're kind, we get to do something for YOU!"

The gifts range from Pinterest-inspired, parentally-executed masterpieces to loving sentimental odes captured on a simple sheet of ruled paper.  All receive the pleased teacher shrug, the exaggerated gush, the opening and thanking and beaming.

The magic? It's in watching their faces as they watch her open their gift. It's the way they skip away, light and pleased with themselves afterwards. It's in the way the ones who did nothing want to do something, too. One proclaims that he will give her his mom's recipe for "These things called Haystacks, you can put basically anything in them."

To witness any teacher sufficiently loved by the children in her life, that's the magic of the season.

Don't worry, I soaked it up, real good.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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