This is Christmas

This was the weather on Christmas Eve. No snow, but dark and dramatic skies, chilly temps, rain.

These were the treats I made: Chess Pie Tarts. At some point (I think as a teenager?) they became a treat I equated with Christmas and hence something I want to taste at Christmastime. I am the only one who likes them in this house. I'm proud of myself for only eating four between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This is a glimpse at some of the twelve year old's haul.  Hey Molly, make sure you get right in there, and make yourself NICE and comfortable.  

This is a shot with my ten-year-old and both of us are wearing Christmas finery.  It was fun to see her getting into the giving spirit on Christmas. It's her specialty.
This is another thing baked on Christmas eve: Christmas cookies. 
My husband made them, the girls did the decorating. 
These are this year's Christmas PJs. 

Marguerite, on Christmas
This is when I mention Christmas books, wrapped and given with our PJs on Christmas Eve, even at the age of ten and twelve.  Julia got Marguerite's Christmas and Avery got The Nutcracker
Elizabeth Zwerger's Nutcracker is especially good.

Molly's wondering where her book is but she didn't get a book. 
This is a great game: The Awkward Family Photo game
It's Apples to Apples with choice movie quotes and hilarious photos thrown in: a good time.  
This the view I've had from the couch in the quiet moments of the last few days and this is the movie menu: Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, A Very Merry Mix-Up, Just in Time for Christmas, Christmas Land, (My fave of Hallmark's holiday movies) The Family Stone, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas. This was my first year really watching Miracle on 34th Street. Loved it.

This year I discovered Chicago's Christmas album. Took me thirteen years to figure that one out. It's the harmony and the horns and the fact that they were the backdrop to so many moments in jr.  high that makes me enjoy their take on holiday faves.

This is a sample of some of the serious coloring I did on Christmas eve whilst watching Christmas movies using this coloring book. I know. Coloring. 

This Christmas business is hard to put a lid on. I feel that way every year. I want it to linger and last; it'll never be like it is right now. Here's hoping you made some choice memories this year, that you soaked up what is, now, while it is. 


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