Pete, Kinda Like Getting Carded

Today (at the public library no less) something happened to me that's never happened to me, ever.
A dude came up to me and handed me his phone number.
I looked down at the number, looked back at him, half-smiling, expectant.
Dude: "Are you single?"
Me: (relief coursing through my veins because I could honestly say:) "No, I'm married."
Dude: "Oh, 'cuz when I passed you earlier you looked at me and our eyes met and I thought we shared something."
Me: issuing forth a half-laugh, half "Oh-sorry-thanks-but...NOPE!-that's-not-what-happened-because-remember?-I'm-married?" shrug.
Dude: "So sorry! Guess I was wrong. No offense."
Me: "None taken."
He walked away and I was left feeling a tiny tinge of flattery, as though I was 39 and had just been carded. 
Overwhelmingly though, I felt hilarity.


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