Friday, April 28, 2006

G Sale or Bust

We went to a garage sale at 7:30 this morning. How's that for crazyass? We got some treasures and it never ended in tears, so All is well in our world. Now, if I could just clean house. The thing that won't help that fact is that it is GORGEOUS out. BEAUTIFUL! When we left the house today Jooge, who has been noticing smells lately and saying, "What do I smell?" said, "I smell fresh air!"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is There an Echo in Here?

One of the Jooge's latest habits is to repeat everything I say but as a question.
For example:

Me: "It looks like he's blowing bubbles."
Jooge: "It looks like he's blowing bubbles?"
Me: "I think we should go on a walk."
Jooge: "Go on a walk?"

I've just become aware of it and it's kind of endearing but also kind of annoying. If I knew more about early childhood development it might help me understand the reasons behind it. I'm sure it has something to do with becoming empowered with language. I think she should teach classes to adults who aren't very active listeners.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Listening to the Musn'ts

It's no wonder one of Jooge's earliest uttered phrases was, "Fareful, Guys." We were walking down the cement enclosed steps of our apartment and she was urging us to be careful just as we'd urged her to be a million times. I think I must still dole out carefuls every five minutes to her in reference to some of the following situations: when she's standing on chairs, close to the road, picking those berries in the yard that are poisonous, or jumping onto mommy when she's not looking. I could go on....

Numero two came along and she was WAY busier and WAY more into things but I know that I don't warn her as much. Sometimes when I do, Jooge will interject, reminding me "Baby's just exploring." Avery just gets to take more risks. Her actions aren't met with as much fear because someone already paved the way for her, and paved it pretty safely because her parents were always waggling a finger at her actions. All in all, I think Jooge was and is kept on a tighter leash. It sucks that you can't parent more equally.

I can only imagine our response to a third kid. "Where's that one?" "Oh, just backing the car out of the garage." "Oh, okay, cool."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bunny Love

I found the pattern for this little bun here and created one for Jooge for Easter. She named it "MmHm." How's that for rich?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Daddy Yum Remodeled

Here you see what the plate looked like when Daddy made Jooge her "first sandwich." Given that he knew she loved string cheese, bread and butter, he planned this little sandwich-making adventure for days. He figured sandwiches would open up a world of possibilities for our favorite little picky eater. If she ate a cheese one, maybe she'd dare to try jelly sometime.

As the picture illustrates, a cookie cutter gave this special sandwich a gingerbread man shape. Note the presentation, peeled apple wedges circling the sandwich. Before placing it before her, he declared it a String Buttercheese Man. It was a whole heck of a lot of hoopla for a sandwich, but around here, as I've mentioned, we take our thrills where we can get them.

When it was time to try it, she hesitated, fought for a moment, dilly-dallied. In an effort not to hover, I simply left the room and he busied himself in the kitchen, throwing a glance over his shoulder often to see if she'd tried it yet. His work was not in vain. She ate it. ALL.

When I made her a sandwich for lunch yesterday (so easy! so quick! i get so tired of boiling pasta!) it was as though I'd asked her to eat a huge turd.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Avery

In the name of being who I get to be: Avery the birthday girl's momma, I must take a moment to reflect on where I was last year at this time: strapped to a bed with a heart monitor on, getting one last ultrasound to make sure the baby was still breech, being wheeled into the O.R. where my heart rate climbed because something really big was about to happen to me. My husband came in with scrubs on, stood next to me and held my hand, and was oohing and aahing at the view he had of what was going on below my waist. Then suddenly they were handing me this new little person, this little girl with swollen lips and crinkled eyes who I instantly loved and who had been there in my belly all that time. I hardly realized it until just then.

Jump forward to one year later when my scar has fallen below the place it was before and I am the mom of a one year old, a very busy, beautiful, smart, melodic, angelic, funny one year old. When we had her, I was so apprehensive about what we would get the second time around, having had a pretty "easy" baby in Jooge. I was shocked to discover that we'd again gotten lucky. Avery's temperment made her more similar to her sister than different from her. Going from one kids to two was smooth due to the person that Avery was. Our family felt complete.

At a year, Avery is a delight. She loves baths, she loves music, she loves most foods, she LOVES her sister. She loves testing out everything in her mouth to see just how it tastes. She HATES being changed and dressed. She's harder to read to, less likely to sit still. She likes to feel the textures of things, stroking the fuzzy bearded webbing that hangs down from the underside of our wingback chair. She says "Mamma" in her crib when she wakes up in the morning, repeats it again and again gently, calling for me. Avery's laugh reveals her sense of humor and she's quick to raise her hands in a lively game of peek a boo. I love that her car seat is facing forward now so that I can look back and see her face looking out at her new perspective on the world.

As the second born, Avery gets ignored sometimes because someone else is dominating the landscape. Avery's birthday gifts have been snatched by Jooge, who now sleeps with them. Luckily, Avery's too young to care. Knowing her personality, she might NOT care. Well, come to think of it, she is pretty p.o.ed everytime her sister jerks something out of her hands. Having been an oldest myself, I don't know how it feels to be the youngest. Judging by that example, it must suck to have someone older than you who feels entitled to your things. At the same time, I know that it comes with a little less pressure and someone else to show you the ropes. It comes with a whole slew of hand-me-downs (though I've gotten Avery plenty of her own duds) and a RELAXED set of parents who aren't as worried because they've already done this once.

Thank you for coming into our lives Avery Reid. I feel very lucky to be your mom!

Monday, April 10, 2006

I speak for the trees

We hiked Washington Park's section of the Wonderland trail a few weekends ago. The four mile loop was a KILLER for me because I was wearing the baby in a backpack and there was a lot of up and down terrain. (Husband pushed Jooge in stroller.) BUT. It was a really good challenge too. We saw this cool tree and I declared it a fave.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sweet Little Bub

We had Avery's birthday celebration last night. What a great time! She stood up all by herself, and with the help of her new wooden walker will be walking any moment I'm sure. When it came time for cupcakes, she merely smashed hers into the tray of her high chair. Right now she's lying in her crib singing and holding her new super soft blankie from my parents. She also got a basket full of kitties that she holds and "gives loves" to from her other grandparents. GREAT GIFT because she can take them all out and then put them back into the basket. What a sweet little bub. I am blessed.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Times Interruptus

Every time the PCC Community Ed bulletin arrives I look at all the classes and feel tempted to take something. This spring in the name of trying to get out there and DO SOMETHING FOR ME, I finally signed up for two classes. Get Started in Painting was weekly, Bookbinding was just on one Saturday.

So first I register online. Easy and quick and I do so without giving them my SSN. Then I never hear back from them and so I call to find out if I registered. They ask for my SSN and I give it to them and they say, "No, you did not register." So I register again using my SSN. They tell me I can not do Bookbinding because it is full.

Stick with me here, people. I know this is confusing but just listen. About a week later I get a class schedule in the mail that is derived from registering online the first time without my SSN. I am registered for both Painting and Bookbinding. So I call because I think I have registered twice, once without my SSN, once with, and sure enough that is the case so they have to drop me once from the painting class that I am enrolled in twice.

Time passes. We send in a check for the tuition for both classes. It comes time for me to go to the first Painting class. My husband comes home early for"Daddy Daughter Night" while I proceed to drive to the class. It takes me almost a whole hour to get 18 miles in rush hour traffic. I am not relaxed. I am wondering WHY I even decided to do a class at this time of day in this location, but still, Painting will be great. I have been thinking a lot about what I will paint and how the class will go. I arrive at the class to find out THERE IS NO CLASS. It has been cancelled and I was not called. When I call the next day to find out why I was not informed, they explain that it's because I dropped the class. Of course I did drop the class, but only once. I should have still been registered. I need a bigger font for this FUDGE because it is being screamed!!!

I then have to make sure that I am still registered for Bookbinding, since they have no record of me registering. Sure enough, I still am, but during that phone call the person I spoke with misspelled my name thus creating a THIRD record for me in the system. IDIOTS! (Yes, to be screamed like Napoleon D. would.)

I am totally dejected that I am not taking a painting class. It was going to be good for me to do something creative, to hone a new skill. I'm wondering why not many others in this huge metropolis were interested in learning to paint. Maybe because they know a community college isn't exactly the best place to learn how to paint. I'm wondering where else I could sign up for a different painting class, a class that won't be cancelled. Still, after just one time doing it, I will not miss driving through rush hour traffic just to get "some peaceful time for me."

To sum up: the next time the PCC Bulletin arrives, I will think twice about getting myself mixed up in any of their community ed nonsense. During one of my many phone calls, the kind registration lady ended our conversation with, "Welcome back to school." School Schmool. In the space of two weeks this hellish process has taught me NOT to go back to school. The last time I spoke with them they still hadn't received our tuition check, most of which they will have to refund. Let's see how quickly and correctly that happens. And who knows what shenanigans will happen when it's time to go to Bookbinding. I'll most likely pierce myself in the thumb with a binding tool and up spending my free time at the hospital.

Culinary Thrills

Today I served cantaloupe (chopped into small bites but left on the rind to create a "rainbow") and rainbow radiatore, a pasta we love for it's chewy pinecone shapes. Could not forget string cheese as that is one of Jooge's main staples these days. (Thanks Trader Joes for selling rBST free cheese.)

Unintentionally, I had created a lunch that was great for reasons threefold.
1) The color combo was a pleasing palate of pale orange (in the melon and pasta) green (pasta) and white (pasta and cheese) .
2) The kids ate it all. Both of them. Every bite. Wanted more.
3) Nothing was TOO messy, leaving behind a trail like say, cottage cheese might, or syrup, or something composed of crumbs.

Yes folks, my life has officially hit MUNDANE when I am this thrilled about the way their lunch came together today. Still, sometimes things just work, and that is to be celebrated. These thrills, I will take when I can get them.