Saturday, December 13, 2008

Picture Book Shout Outs...It's Been Awhile

The fact that I immediately rush to the new picture books whenever we visit the library makes me both wise and greedy. Here are some of our latest favorite finds...

Half a World Away is the sweetest story about two preschool pals who live nearby one another and play together all the time. Then one moves away and for some reason, maybe because we moved a lot when I was a kid, this part was so sad to me. GREAT illustrations.

Trout Are Made of Trees is a great story helping kids to realize the connections in nature. The illustrator, Kate Endle, has an Etsy shop with collages I covet, which have inspired me and my collages.

Little Blue Truck
had really great illustrations.

A Visitor for Bear was a wonderful story about a bear who liked to keep to himself, turning away a friendly mouse, until he realized how different and fun life was with a friend around, and he began to enjoy the mouses company and didn't want him to leave.

Help is a wonderful story about a mouse who is a afraid of a snake until snake ends up saving it from danger.
Again, great illustrations. Also great message.

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