We went to our third preschool auction last weekend. It was the usual good time, except this year, I was a tad more harried, balancing the social aspect with being a table captain, bidding here and there, but not scoring anything. It was strange, because ususally we have a THING to bring home but this year we bid on and won the three night vacation beach rental, which will be RICH to use in 2009. Can't wait.

ANYWAY, all this to say both my tote and my bird collage got so many compliments at the auction I was inspired to make another collage, which is pictured above. I'm having so much fun making these and I would love to sell them. My bird one made $35 at the auction. Maybe 2009 will be the year of the Etsy shop for me. We'll see....

After the flower collage I experimented with collage on a new background, a simple wooden storage box. I like the end result, but this one will be a gift, amazingly, it made the cut. Still, it's fun to have it around until I give it.


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