Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 38 July 28 and had a great birthday this year!

To start the day off with a bang, the girls and I made a pilgrimage to VooDoo Donuts, an appropriate destination given I'd been dreaming of sinking my teeth into another Grape Ape since I'd last ingested VooDoo donuts in Eugene. T'was very fun to be at the VooDoo Donuts 2 locale in all its pink splendor. I was glad we were enjoying donuts there, too, for when we drove past their downtown locale, slightly visible from Burnside, the line stretched long down the sidewalk.

That adventure crossed off our list (might I add we took a strip of photos in VooDoo Donut, Too's booth),we hit a few other Portland places I usually hit if I'm there, like Knittn Kitten, though I did not buy anything because their prices seem to have gone up and the older lady who works there always gives my kids the evil eye. I used my Powells gift card that my in-laws give me. So fun! I got this and this, both great additions to the bookshelf.

Julia later presented me with a photo book she'd been hard at work on, made of two pot holders and sewn together to hold photos, which she said she'd sew inside. LOVED IT! SO SWEET! Avery had given me several hand-crafted cards and paper books with places to write things prior.
We had dinner at Pizza Schmizza as a family and then hit our evening destination: Oaks Park for roller skating. I realized that I am so happy out on the rink, genuinely deep-down-in glad. My husband made loop after loop like a trooper. My kids especially enjoyed the area for kids where they could zoom around the little maze with handles. The people-watching is really something anywhere there is roller skating, so that was also fun. I love it, there are so many really good skaters out there! I have decided to roller skate on a regular basis. It's just going to be necessary.

This year I requested a chocolate Costco cake, which delivered in every way possible. Wow. Those cakes are dee-lish. We did freeze about half of it to enjoy later, given its mammoth size.

At the end of the night I received the most AWESOME present: a new hammock for the backyard with a stand! My husband did very well with that gift and we now all enjoy it regularly.

My birthday showed me several happinesses, some lasting past it. Another year, another great birthday!

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