Before and After

I pledge allegiance to myself
In quest of my weight loss goal;
And to the healthiness for which it stands.
One body...
Under control...
With confidence in new clothes for fall!

Is my wardrobe different this fall? It sure is! I have Weight Watchers and myself to thank for that.

BEFORE Weight Watchers, Susan G. Komen September 2010

AFTER Weight Watchers, Susan G. Komen September 2011
Susan G. Komen in September 2011
I wrote about my Weight Watchers journey a little bit in a post this summer but I wanted to give you an update of where I am now. In September, after having lost 45 pounds, I arrived at my goal weight, where I still am on this day in November, and where I plan to stay, give or take a point or two. I got rid of all my old clothes, forgetting to take one of those pants pictures for comparison. But you can see it above, and I can feel it each and every day.

Weight Watchers has changed everthing: my energy level, the way my family hugs me, my clothing size, my dressing room successes, weighing in at doctor appointments, and my BMI. It has changed my thinking and my habits. It has been the hugest gift, this accomplishment, and sometimes I need to sit with that and honor it for a minute, amongst the every day craziness of life. I accomplished something big.

At weekly Weight Watchers meetings there are lots of celebrations. We share "Bravo Moments" with one another. Last week my Bravo moment was that I wore a tennis skirt this year for my Halloween costume.....the same one I wore in HIGH SCHOOL! WOO HOO!


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