on Aging

I came upon this interview with Frances McDormand through Orangette. I really like Frances's way of thinking and her decision to be public about it, because it's a message we just don't hear enough and it's TOTALLY TRUE! I'm thankful to hear this message as I age.

I dedicate this message to a woman who is in fact turning one year older today, my dear amazing gem of a mother, who I love and who models such wonderful things for me all the time. One of the best things she's given me is a model of a woman who doesn't hold back because of how she looks. She wears joys marks on her beautiful face and keeps doing the things that put them there. She gets  delight out of life, and expresses it, wholeheartedly, without filter.

She recently went to an Ellen taping (a perk of having a brother who works for Ellen) and finding her in the audience was a breeze because just as the show opened, they panned the crowd and settled on her mug, cheering and cheery. They couldn't have picked a better face to focus on...........
Happy happy day, mother! I just love you you pieces.


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