Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Avery's favorite new pasttime is known as "TEEF!" First she climbs the step stool to stand at the sink. Next, she turns the water on, experimenting with the left side for "HOT!" and the right for "COLD!" (ALWAYS said with a dramatic shiver). Then, the "brushing" commences. She loads her brush up with water, then alternately chews on it and sucks off the water. She would probably stand at the sink and do it for hours if allowed.


We used to use the word Frightwig when I was a kid for someone with CRAZY hair, as in: get-yourself-to-a-barber-QUICK! hair. (Oooh, I just realized I sound like that annoying Yoplait commercial-sorry!) As the picture aptly illustrates, Avery was becoming our house Frightwig, sporting hair wings that were about to lift her skyward, despite my formerly mentioned attempts at cutting it. Well, that was the case anyway until yesterday when my friend taught me how to REALLY, PROPERLY cut hair.It's short and boyish NOW, but it's a classic sweet shape, and will be especially cute when it grows out a bit. She is cute no matter the hair, but I especially like the way the bangs frame her face. So long little mini-Frightwig!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pre School Here We Come!

We are sooooo ready for preschool.

Tomorrow will be the first official day, the day when Julia gets to go it alone.

Tuesday we went and had our first introduction to the classroom with half of the kids, each accompanied by their parents. The first hour and a half is spent having free choice time. We spent lots of time with the playdough. There were sticks and beads and tools and the playdough looked like cookie dough so though you probably subconsciously wanted to eat it, handling its vanilla texture was enough.

I'm so thrilled we ended up at this school, it is a perfect fit. There are hidden treasures around every corner and the kids have access to EVERYTHING! It's all set up for them, like when they have snack THEY get to pick what they want, and how much, and then THEY get to POUR THEIR OWN DRINKS. It's not like a snack free-for-all, there's plenty of adult support and guidance, but what bliss for Jooge! After seeing this I was ready to head down to the Tupperware KIOSK for our own mini spill-proof pitchers. Brilliant.

Her teacher is a genius. Twenty years of early childhood genius resides in her soul and I get to be her assistant and glean wisdom from her. Of course making new friends with her fellow classmates will be rich too. She's already made friends with one of the boys in her class through the park visits this summer and they are quite a pair.

Did I mention we are SOOOO ready for preschool?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Will You Look at This Face?

It's been happening since she turned one. She's a girl turned towards progress. New words every day-her first sentence an emphatic: "No bite!" New ways of getting from point A to point B like clomping around in her sister's shoes, and running. She is always busy, putting the straps of her bathing suits around her neck to hang cape-like. Of course there's also the chalk eating. Each time I squeeze chalk-tinged drool from her cheeks I feel utter exasperation-she won't stop doing it! We've broken into the box of Julia's 18-24 month clothes, which it feels like she just wore yesterday.

Now t.v. holds her attention for at least ten minutes, but usually not more. The sight of the two of them lying captivated by a show is so dang cute I sometimes just watch them watching t.v. and forget that's my ten minutes to DO SOMETHING I can't do when they're not otherwise entertained. She says "Elmo" and "Nemo" when pointing to her sister's coloring books and likes to climb up and extract the "color!" from the drawer all by herself. She is learning to drink out of a cup and practices much to my dismay in the bathtub. Now she will cock her head to face my face and ask, "Doing?" as though to inquire about my current activity.

She loves to point out birds flying by,("BIRDIE!") and anything shaped like a semi-circle is declared a "moon." She leans in for kisses when asked only some of the time, but when she's in her highchair will demand "HUG" with arms outstretched to Julia. And the way she says, "Jooge!" One of the best positions to find her in is her little crouch as she sniffs flowers. She says a bright, "Hi!" to the polaroid of Julia and her preschool teacher hanging on the fridge. I am constantly wanting to fix her haircut, which she actually lets me do. She also lets me give her medicine in droppers, which Jooge never did. In new places, she will cry her heart out if I leave her for even a minute. And when we go apple picking she demands her own "apple" and we give it to her, even if she might choke on the peel.

Oh the sweetness that is our Bub.

Off the Clock

After a grueling week of sick kids, breathing treatments for sick kids, worry about sick kids, preschool orientations, making sure we even wanted to attend the preschool when it was unclear whether they had a firm policy against anyone being in the bathroom alone with the kids, the cancellation of yet another painting class I tried to take, the stress of the Intel layoffs, a day of husband-in-a-football-coma yesterday, as of 2pm today I was granted a "night off." It was perfect timing because I was beginning to feel surly and resentful. I NEEDED a night off.

First thing I did was see "The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff, who I really love. He was pretty good in it, though his characters behavior was hard to excuse. You'll have to see it if you haven't. It makes you think about what you would forgive, and why people do the things they do and about marriage and how fricken hard it is, but how it's worth it to work at it. I really thought Jacina Barrett, former Real World England gal, did a GREAT JOB opposite Zach. Very good actress. Oh and did I mentione I spent $10.75 on movie snacks: popcorn, milk duds (eaten together of course) and a coke, which I never drink. Totally indulgent. Totally enjoyable.

Anyway, after that movie I felt a little pensive so I am now locked up with the computer and actually blogging, since I usually have OTHER THINGS TO DO, like clean and do laundry. SO. Blogging doesn't usually get to be a priority but it is so therapeutic for me and I totally need to do it more.

Next on my list is a good walk. I LOVE being outside. The air is starting to get crisp and moving in the evening outside always makes me happy. I've also been really into podcasts lately. I subscribe to CRAFT SANITY and CRAFTY POD, and they inspire my crafty sensibilities so I have a new one to listen to. My husband and I are supposed to have an "in house date night" tonight, so that's also something to look forward to. I'm excited about Daiquiris and Scrabble.

Everyone needs a day off now and then, and I am thankful for mine. When do you get to take yours?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Wanna Be a Doodlebop

Have you ever seen The Doodlebops? DeeDee, Rooney and Moe are these gleeful, brightly painted people with only the crispest dance moves. Their songs get caught in my head EVERY time. For this, I am thankful that my kids aren't especially into them. Rooney cracks me up because of how effeminate he is. Whenever they are on, it's pretty rich to watch his, well, enthusiasm.

ANYWAY, we've been getting a ton of catalogs around here lately, one of the richest being the Costume Express catalog. When I opened it the funniest costumes BY FAR were the ones for DeeDee and Rooney! Aren't they rich?

Jooge decided long ago that she wanted to be a butterfly, and Pottery Barn Kids sells THE BEST NON-CHEESIEST BUTTERFLY COSTUME EV-ER, but for a pretty penny, (actually for a pretty 10,000 pennies). Do I have $100 in my budget for this? No. Nor do I have the budget for the adorable ladybug for Avery either. OKay, so they only make it in 2T and up. She's a tall girl for 17 months. We could make it work.

Monday, September 04, 2006

It's the Little Things!

We saw our first chestnuts on a walk today. I'm pretty sure my excitement in seeing them goes back to childhood when they were the best surprises lying on the grass for me to compulsively collect. I feel like a little kid because I will never not want to pick them up when I see them. Have you ever really stopped to look at a chestnut? There are whorls and swirls in different shades of brown and red. They shine as though polished. I even found two nestled in the soft white bed of their pod together. It's the little things, I tell ya, that make this life a sweet one.