Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oh Brother, Congrats!

The other day we went to Seaside for the day and while we were walking along the boardwalk my brother Andy and his girlfriend Meghann called. The fact that they were calling again after having just called the night before, the fact that they were both on the line, the fact that my brother sounded, well, different (in a good way!) could only mean one thing............

They got engaged!
Standing there half crying, half congratulating was a highpoint of this holiday season for me. He's my little brother and he proposed and he's getting married! AAAA! Not only that, he's one of my favorite people and he's found a great gal and they are one of those couples that are just....right! Meghann will officially be AUNT Meghann. They will one day have kids and be GREAT parents. Now if we could just get them to move closer to us. L.A. is ever so far away.

I'm getting misty again just thinking about all they have before them. Congrats, guys!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Presence of Presents

Remember calling your friends to talk about your Christmas loot? Just for a tiny second let's pretend we're little kids excited about our presents and this is your call from me.

There are new toys littering the rug, not TOO many, but enough. We have a 18" doll, lacing cards, a doll stroller, a Curious George jack-in-the-box, a doctor kit, dress-up princess clothes, yaddada, yaddada yaddada. After all was said and done, both girls fell asleep holding one of these, their contented lips stained with pez.

My husband got me great stuff, including the Corelle Vintage Floral dishes I once admired, (which I still totally admire but which looked really different color-wise online) a subscription to Blueprint magazine, a set of 24 colorful Sharpies, the calendar I ALWAYS get, some Ghiradelli Peppermint Hot Chocolate, some new sewing shears and pins, (neither which had been replaced since the mid-80's when I invested in my Jr. High sewing kit) and THIS! He done good, my hubby. I got some cashola from my in-laws which I used to buy cozy flannel sheets and a quilt for our king-sized bed (formerly partially covered with a full-sized quilt). I got a present for myself too: a pottery casserole dish from the 60's. Totally cute. Made by Northington. Could not find it at all on ebay.

And as for the gems I purchased for my darling husband(okay, please do not stop reading, I know this has reached the boring mark but maybe you might wanna know!) two new fluffy towels, a tv tray, an issue of Runners magazine, a new coffee maker, a book of easy classical piano music, the Free to Be You and Me CD, Junior Mints, Altoids,and a yet to be received but totally rich DVD (hint: 70's series featuring really unrealistic dinosaurs, little hairy people and a blonde girl with braids).

I am blessed in so many ways, in ways WAY beyond STUFF. My stuff is the kind of stuff nobody would want to break into my house and steal. But my really meaningful posessions including my darling family, my health, etc. are invaluable. My hope for you as we inch towards celebrating a new year, is that whatever you have, all the stuff that isn't STUFF, you keep, treasure, and smile upon. That's what I plan to do. Oh, and learn how to make that BBQ Chicken salad they serve at California Pizza Kitchen. As the ever-so-obnoxious-talker Rachel Ray would say, Yum-O.Yes. I did just quote Rachel Ray. At least I did not get her Yum-O t-shirt for Christmas and tell you about it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa, You Out There?

We are ever so excited around here for Christmas. You know, to the point that we wait by the window and watch for Santa to drive by in his pick-up. Our Playmobile advent calendar has only four boxes yet to open, the Christmas tree is completely dead, and mommy has been cut off from buying any more gifts, which can only signal one thing: Christmas is only days away!

This year while watching Charlie Brown's Christmas special I really had to CRINGE at some of the mean things the Peanuts gang said. You think differently about these things as a mom, and especially as a mom whose preschooler will understand and imitate what she's watching. Not a problem if she's imitating the dance moves, but surely a problem if she's running around quoting Lucy's, "I oughtta slug you!"

As for the new Charlie Brown Christmas special tacked onto the end of the original, I thought it was pretty bad, built to be bratty so today's kids would like it, but all in all: LAME. And Sally's voice? Sally's voice and the sound of it stirred extreme feelings of anger within, feelings of anger that reached a hard boil and could have been turned into angry taffy. Charles Schultz had to be rolling over in his grave.

All commentary aside, for anyone who loves Scrubs and the Charlie Brown Christmas special, I found this little gem on YouTube last night when reading my favorite celebrity blog (and the first blog I ever read). I tell you what, it is ten minutes of true hilarity. Let's hope your computer is more advanced than this dino I'm using, as watching videos just about cracks mine in half.

I also found another gem that I totally remember from Sesame Street, The Milk Crisis. I used to sing the "Milk...Mi-ilk" part when Jooge was a baby and our lives revolved around milk.

Okay, it's time for mommy to step away from the computer.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh Tannenbaum

One of my strongest memories as a kid is watching the Christmas tree glowing in a dark room, sending cool colorful branch shadows onto the ceiling. And, this year, I went from being a white light girl, to one preferring colored lights. Go figure.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Santa Drives a Chevy

This sight is what greeted us at our favorite Christmas tree farm a few weeks ago. When I saw him I busted out the camera and thankfully, he obliged. Now that I look at the picture more closely and notice his rather unkindly facial expression, I guess I was lucky to get this moment captured on film without clear view of his middle finger. I just couldn't help myself. This was SANTA after all, the giver of gifts and granter of wishes and I really really wanted to capture him arriving for duty in his Chevy brand sleigh.

Were we able to snap any pictures of the darling girls with Santa? That would be a big fat NO. Neither child would be caught within feet of his authentically curled white beard. Jooge stood back at least 20 feet and muttered, "I'm going to think about it,"never getting to tell Santa about the snow globe she wants (that would be of the air-filled lawn variety) nor retrieving her complimentary candy cane. (Mommy the enabler did this for her). Avery came a little closer because my husband and I were kneeling next to Santa trying (trying!!) to coax the un-coaxable. But that was about it for visiting the Chevy driver dressed in red. My girls? Totally more interested in feeding the goats.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Accepting the fate of James Kim has been really hard. I still find myself thinking about it often, randomly telling my husband facts in some sort of strange post-processing manner. "He walked eight miles!" will burst forth in the middle of a conversation about something else. If I could I would give them a hug hard and powerful. This man, this sweet family, I will never forget.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let's Go James!

I can't stop thinking about the Kim family, and in particular, James. Lost, alone in the woods, and in who knows what condition, I just can't get him out of my head. I am obsessed. I keep checking the news, filled up with hope to the brim. Yesterday morning the ipod was on shuffle and so many lyrics seemed to be echoing my thoughts. "Nowhere man........" "Lost in the wilderness" "Askin' where ya been, like I know..." "You will find peace of mind." Silly, but interesting. I am waiting for good news. Get on it searchers! Find James!