Sunday, May 28, 2006

For Real, Yo

Okay, I hate to admit this, but, I watch The Real World. I have watched every season and keep coming back for more, though this season, (what is it now, like season 17?) I was ready to give up when Paula kept hogging the spotlight with her manic drunken flip-outs.

I love it because it is such an interesting glimpse at people. (Okay, okay, the people are ten years younger than me, but STILL!) Even though each cast member comes into the house a type, and there is editing, and they are partying so hard half the time that it's hard to really relate to them at all, I feel like once in awhile, the audience is exposed to their complexities as people. They might be "The Alcoholic" but they can still surprise you and you can find yourself understanding them somehow. Sometimes.

And, sometimes,they can be hard to understand, and REALLY ANNOYING.

The character that bugs me the most in Key West's season, is Janelle. The other day she said the DUMBEST thing. And I think I am mad at her because she was fighting with Jose, Jose, who is total Switzerland, friendly, squared-away in my mind. She was calling him insecure, and actually said this: "Personally, if you were to ask me why did he do that I just feel like he's using his insecurities as an escapegoat for my SECurity." How is that for rich, people? I am by no means an intellectual or a snob. She just really revealed her own stupidity in using the word, "ESCAPEGOAT." I would not delight in her mistake as much if she had an ounce of humility (a trait I admire) or carried herself like any human 20-something who farts or falls down. It's that she seems HIGH ON HER HORSE, very DIVA-like. And as much as I want to give her a chance and ride it out, be surprised by something redeeming about her, I'm not sure it's going to happen. What could be more real than that?

Raining and Pouring

As I mentioned previously, things in our house were on the brink of big, and now they are starting to unfold and bloom, right before my very eyes. (which reminds me of a song lyric: Biscuits in the oven gonna watch 'em rise, right before my very eyes!-Go Raffi!)

Jooge has decided to "listen to her body" and go potty on the potty again. Woo hoo! This does not include poop, but hey, we'll take the pee for now. We'll take wearing diapers that don't get soiled. We'll take the joy on her face and our own glee at the possibilities that stretch before us. We had a playdate Friday with some REALLY NICE NEIGHBORS and Jooge declared that she had to go potty at their house, so we went on in and used their potty. I won't mention (yes I will) how we sat on it kinda funny, and also on our jeans so that when we went potty in the seat it ended up all over the floor and mommy was a little stressed trying to assess the situation, as we'd never really used anyone elses kid potty before, let alone left a puddle on their bathroom floor.

And....equally huge: Avery is walking! She is absolutely ADORABLE taking little steps from mommy to daddy and back again, getting so delighted. I have captured this via video footage and will try to add it to the post eventually, as you may notice I do a whole heck of a lot of blog edits. We were on the cusp for so long, and now, she's put it all together and discovered the thrill of being vertical. Woo hoo Bub!

The rain outside is having a nourishing effect on all, I guess. Thanks!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The First Haircut

We felt Jooge was pretty darn cute before her haircut....

but check her out after....Could not have turned out more adorable, in my biased mind. She actually sat very still in the chair, which surprised me. Julie charges a mere $12, such a deal for a real salon haircut for a kid. All in all, a glorious transformation, just in time for summer.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Paper Julias and Pedialyte

Lots going on, and yet nothing going on. We are on the verge of big things, as evidenced by Jooge's hugely emotional upheaval that has left me exhausted. There has been tons of crying, over big things, over little things. An example: crackers were just spilled on the carpet and I said,"I'll have to vacuum that." In response she began to cry, ran out of the room and screamed the words, "I don't like the noise! Crackers don't go in vacuums, they only go in bellies." She cried inconsolably for awhile. And then there's her sister, who likes to throw mini-tantrums (who am I kidding, they're really maxi-tantrums) when she doesn't get what she wants. Fun.

We just got through with another wicked virus, this time everyone caught it, first me, then the kids, then my husband. So. Again, more fun. I was so bummed. It messed with me so badly to have it again, especially to have had it myself first and to know how it felt. Today the baby's solid stool sent me into celebration mode. We'll be down for a few more days because I guess you can be contagious two weeks after the first symptoms start. I'm not gonna miss that mo fo of a virus AT ALL.

We have been dabbling in some art projects as of late. Aunt Jen got us some window markers that once in awhile make it out of the cupboard. In this instance they went back in pretty quickly after Jooge had painted her legs with the pink one and poked her sister in the eye with the yellow one. Also made a lovely Paper Julia yesterday, in an effort to again wean ourselves from hours and hours of T.V. It turned out great and then little sister began to rip off various appendages. It's all fun and games until Paper Julia loses one of her black legs. Good times.

Avery's not walking yet, but she's on the verge. Given her zest for mobility, I was sure she'd walk sooner than Jooge did, but it looks like they'll both be doing it around the thirteen month mark. As far as the sass factor, they are also very similar. When she's in her high chair and mommy says, "Avery, sit down." She responds with,"Nooo." (It comes out really nasally and funny.) She also is saying new words, like "KeeKee" for Kitty and she likes to climb up on the couch and bounce on or just lean up against the cushions.

Jooge is getting a real haircut on Tuesday with my hair babe Julie. That will be quite something. Should be interesting. We are coming prepared with a cupcake, so maybe it will go smoothly. We've been talking lots about it and I know she'll love Julie. However, I am mourning the loss of her beautiful long curls, even though they usually lurk below the surface of her top layer and give her hair a mangy appearance at times. I know that they can grow back and it will be best to have nothing on her neck through the heat of the summer. We had a 92 degree day last week (Yeah! I know, in May!) and it totally sucked. I will have to figure out lots of creative options for beating the heat with two little people in tow, (translate: no AC!) and placing them in our new Burley D'Lite probably doesn't qualify since I'm guessing it gets 10 degrees hotter inside the enclosure if you zip it up.

Speaking of fun in the sun, I am headed to L.A. in less than two weeks to hang out with one of my favorite people, my brother Andy, and his great girlfriend Meghann.
I can not wait. It could not be better timing for me to get away solo. My husband, bless his soul, is even taking Friday off so I can fly down Thursday night. In the meantime, it's crunch time for no more boob. The virus mucked up the weaning thing-we were basically down to once a day and then when she got sick I started nursing lots during the day because she just said no to pedialyte. I made it yesterday with no feedings but awoke in the night completely engorged and thankfully she woke up right around that time for her night feeding. (I like to sing that part in the tune of "Night Swimming" by R.E.M..)

Lots going on. Nothing going on. The calm before the storm. The mild weather before the heat. From our little virus-free corner to yours...Happy day!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clumsy with a Side of Freaky

I think there's something wrong with me. Yesterday I fell TWICE. As in BIT IT, BIG TIME, TWO TIMES!

The first time I was walking down the stairs, Avery in my arms, and I slipped and went down SO HARD on my tailbone/back. She was fine. I had her in my arms the whole time. Then, later, I was stepping over the gate downstairs and my shoe caught on it and basically both feet caught and I landed on all fours HARD on top of the gate. I was so shocked and in pain that I kind of moaned and "Oh my goshed" while Jooge sat by nearby watching. My husband was up in the shower and when Jooge went up to get him, he didn't hear her. Not that it was necessary to have him come rescue me, it just felt like an emergency. After the fact one knee had a HUGE blue bruise on the side (with the shape of an A in it, strangely) and the other knee was scratched on the surface, but then underlying that scratch was a HUGE and I mean HUGE panel of pale green, or a "bone bruise" as my husband said. The shins were bumped up too. Basically I was mangled. What's UP with the falling?

Today, I went in to get Jooge up from her nap and there were big shards of glass on the carpet, one also in the window frame up against the screen. Yes people. I said SHARDS of GLASS. I was AGHAST, to put it mildly. Jooge was sound asleep and completely unscathed. What in the HECK had happened in there? Had she broken a WINDOW? And how had I not heard? Turns out the artwork on her wall had fallen off somehow. It was the glass in the frame that was broken and just lying there waiting to injure my child. Upon very close inspection, I did find a tiny scratch on her forehead. But after actually picking up a shard and putting it in the window sill, that's not bad. I woke her up with emphatic shrieks. "WHAT HAPPENED?" She had no explanation, so all I could do was vacuum up the madness. It just killed me.

You can foresee and predict and prevent all sorts of hazards from getting yourself or your child. You can be CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS and nothing bad happens. And then, out of the blue, accidents happen, freak occurrences take place. Sometimes they leave you gimpy, and sometimes you escape unharmed. Never a dull moment around here what with baby gates obstructing my path, artwork just hanging out on the walls, industrious Julias amusing themselves pre-sleep....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

My Mom's Day

My kids are too young for the whole, "Let's do something nice for mommy" phenomenon so the responsibility was mainly on my husband's shoulders to reward my role as Mother. He bought me a new lightweight sporty coat and perfume of my choosing(Dolche and Gabana Light Blue which reminds me of my favorite cedar smell) and it was totally sweet and totally appreciated. My in-laws even had a huge fuschia delivered. How kind was that?

On Mother's Day itself, I took off on a solo mission to amuse myself. First was Crafty Wonderland where I saw some neat homemade stuff. I got myself an iced mocha and a pumpkin scone. I went to Meier and Frank and had the Benefit lady do my make-up. (LOVE their stuff!) I sang in the car to songs I'm usually tired of: I Don't Wanna Wait (Paula Cole) AllStar (Smashmouth) Rocketman (Elton John). LOVE singing in the car. I went to Joann's Superstore and got a cool vinyl tablecloth to make a swimming bag, felt remnants to make my own stuffed animals, and fabric adorned with Miss Spider and Friends to make the Jooge a birthday Quilt.

So, I was given a few nice treats and I distracted myself with an adventure creating a Mother's Day that did not suck. Someday when my kids can express appreciation the pressure will be off my husband and I won't need to leave the house to find a smile. I will know that this is all worth it, because my kids will be able to say thanks.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Counting My Blessings

I am so blessed to have had the mom I had, who loved me and laughed with me no matter what. By her example, I get to be a mom to THESE amazing little people!
How lucky am I?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Shout Out to Marth

We were strolling the aisles at K-Mart (or the Rockin' Big K, as we call it) a few weeks ago when the kindest stranger passed us, paused, nearly began crying, and said, in reference to Avery, "Oh! That face just melts my heart." It almost made me teary because it reminded me of my mom, miles away and missing her own grandkids. I could imagine her reaching out and seeking solace in the faces of the sweet babies in her town three hours away from us. Whoever is acting as that cherubic face for MY MOM down in Roseburg, Oregon so she can smile and remember US, THANKS!

And Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you!