Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jooge had her Jog-a-thon today at school. It was so fun! I have never seen such enthusiasm. They had music pumping away on big speakers and everyone was involved. I jogged/walked with her for her hour, thus getting in my workout as well. She did 23 laps! WOO HOO! I'm proud of you Jooge!

When I was in fifth grade I met my friend Donna, who to this day is one of my greatest friends. Donna and I, being such good pals, like to get together once in awhile and since we both have four-year-old daughters, decided to do so once a month so the girls could play and we could chat over coffee. We had them over yesterday and it was great! Looking at Avery and Jenna together I see mini versions of us, which is kind of fun, to pass the legacy of friendship along.

It's Hammock Time

The hammock I'd been dying to hang all summer finally got hung last weekend on a sunny warm afternoon. Just in time, I'd say, as the rains came the very next day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Once a FANDY Always a FANDY

Today while Avery's hairbabe Julie was cutting her hair, we were chatting away and I started talking about my brother and how he works for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Julie was like, "Who is your brother..." with this expectant look and when I said Andy she freaked out because she gets a huge kick out of watching him when he's on. It was so funny, she couldn't believe it. It was the first time I had a taste of how famous he has become because he makes many an appearance on that show and Ellen always calls him by name. Often when I watch I will see him running across the screen delivering a tivo to someone in the audience or standing while Ellen pours slime on him or something. He's a great sport. Last week Ellen sent him to the Emmy's in, as he calls them, "Short pants." You can see the clip here. Rich. I even started a FAN CLUB on Facebook called FANDY, Fans of Andy. So far there are 28 members!

Anyway, all this to say my famous little brother turns 32 today. He's always been famous to me. I might add that even with his busy Hollywood life he still reads my little old blog. What better place to wish him a happy birthday than here. Happy Birthday Gilly BOP! LOFF EWE!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to School

Avery is back to preschool!

For the past few weeks we have been VERY ready for preschool and its offerings. Preschool offers Avery somewhere to belong and grow. I was so pleased with the confidence she formed there last year. Preschool offers me something great to be involved in and a great group of like-minded adults to be friends with. Both of us must soak up the richness while we have it.
While we were eating breakfast I asked, "Who do you think you will play with today, Avery?" Her response: "Whoever gets to me first."

For Super Survivors: Sara, Martha and Amy

For the past ten weeks I've been training to run a 5K. As of last week I was able to run for 30 minutes consequetively, about 2.5 miles total, not the complete distance (3.1 miles)of a 5K.

This weekend my husband and I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K! We ran it in honor of our mothers, both breast cancer survivors, and my friend Amy, who is my age and was diagnosed with breast cancer last winter!

It was such a powerful, wonderful experience. You see it all at this event: Women wearing pink marching proud, a lone woman in her late 80's plugging along one step at a time, crowds cheering, supportive husbands skipping around you as you take it at your pace, an i pod offering a background for feet to keep a pace to. I was able to run the whole distance, ammounting to about 46 minutes of jogging non stop.

It was amazing. I'm not planning to stop jogging 5Ks, either.

A Day With My Mother

My mom and I had a great day together on Saturday. We haven't had a day like that in forever. How did we let that happen?

We had coffee and pedicures from very sweet ladies and came out loving looking at our toes.

We went and saw Julie and Julia, a movie we both adored. (My mom said she thought she had a smile on her face through the whole movie). It was about life and love and finding something that makes you alive. I was so inspired by it. I have since caught an episode of Julia Child on OPB and was captivated by her.

We ate lunch out and did a little browsing and shopping.

Overall, it was just so good. I am LUCKY to have my mother as my mother and to have had time with her on Saturday. Love you mom!

Going, Going, Gone.....

They're tearing down this historic school in our town. I've been taking pictures of it each time I drive by to document its slow but steady demise. That building has been around a long long time. I think it's had its day, but at the same time, it's a little sad to see it go. I find myself hoping that the next time I drive by it, there will still be a bit left. I'm sentimental like that.

New Reading Material!

I don't really buy new books. Sure I'll throw them in the cart at Goodwill or order certain ones on Amazon. But most of the time I request the title at the library and wait until it's available. It's a rich system, really. And yet, my in-laws gave me a Powells gift card for my birthday and suddenly I found myself adding great new books to my collection. I love reading them. Why not own the ones I love?

Today was the first day both children were at school at the same time, offering me three hours of time all to myself. I went straight to Powells. I had some credit left on my gift card plus a book to return and a book to sell back. After spending one hour without anyone tugging on me or fighting with their sister, I came out with a stack of six books, new pals that would take me places each evening before bed. I should be set for the rest of the year.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Campin'

Last weekend we met our friends from Eugene at Detroit Lake for the final camping trip of the season. Having never camped there before, we were pretty pleased. We had a great location with a view of the lake, nearby bathrooms and a playground. The 90 degree weather was the best we'd had camping all summer, perfect for taking a dip into the lake. No rain fly needed on the tent. We kept it easy and ordered pizza in Detroit for dinner. There was a wicked forest fire mere miles away so a huge helicopter lowered itself ominously and often. Thankfully we were not evacuated. I was hoping for a clear and starry night to enjoy with the girls and we got it! And now, the gear gets stored away for another season. Thanks guys for a great trip!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Julia started first grade Tuesday. She was VERY nervous on her first day. Though she liked her teacher right off the bat, made a few new friends, and adjusted to eating lunch at school, she was still emphatic about how school lasted six hours and that was longer than a really long trip in the car. Over the course of the week it has been easier to wake her up each morning. As we walk to school through the dewy grass her enthusiasm about school and her place there is very evident.

Between jumping back into the school routine with Julia and resuming various playdates and obligations relating to preschool, it has been QUITE A WEEK! Friday afternoon found us all really exausted! To save my sanity I found myself declaring, "QUIET TIME!" This post is brought to you today by that quiet.

Now if we could just sleep in tomorrow morning!

A fellow preschool mom organized an impromptu field trip to the local Fire Station today. Let me tell you, a visit to the fire station on September 11th was enough to get me choked up. Avery (third from the left) got to learn all about where the Firemen stay each night and the equipment they use. It was wonderful! I came home and promptly checked our fire detectors. Nope, none have working batteries!

Girl Power

Sending birthday wishes today to my wonderful Aunt Mary, pictured here in plaid!

One week ago we were on this ferry heading from Orcas Island to the cabin for Labor Day weekend. We were wrapping up a wonderful four night camping trip to Moran State park, which is wonderful and worth visiting if you never have. We had some beautiful weather.....

We bonded with deer....
No rangers came to our campsite informing us that we needed to call home for a medical emergency. For that reason alone, this last hurrah on Orcas was pure bliss.